Single leg deadlift with overhead press

Kristen Hansen, Personal Trainer

Trainee Type:

I’ve found a love for training people from all walks of life. I enjoy the challenge of working with special populations, and I am confident in my ability to help others experience a new-found ease with everyday life. My goal is to help you reach your goal in any way I possibly can.

Training Philosophy:

Everyone has the right to move freely and without pain. There is no one right way to train; the key is first asking “for whom and for what.” Each individual is different when it comes to movement patterns and goals; therefore, training needs are different from individual to individual. I believe that commitment and consistency will get you almost anywhere. Commitment to yourself and the healthy functioning of your body combined with consistent, balanced and personalized training will allow you to move effectively and efficiently and reach your training goals.

Favourite Exercise:

My favourite exercise is a single leg deadlift with overhead press. I love the way that this exercise challenges so many different areas, and includes various training aspects. In my opinion, it has the best bang for your buck. It gives you the benefits of the deadlift, while also challenging balance moving through the movement, and gives you a good stretch through the stance leg and opposite hip flexor.